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How We Work

Technical Development and Maintenance

At the Appropedia Foundation, we work hard to keep functional, secure, and easy to use. These efforts help over 1.5 million sessions each year, supporting a global community that shares practical knowledge.

Consulting Projects

We provide technical help to organizations that align with the Sustainable Development Goals. By creating and sharing open-source documents, we help nonprofits preserve and spread important knowledge. 


Our communication efforts aim to raise awareness and increase engagement through different channels. This includes social media, newsletters, search engine optimization, content creation and more.

Education and Capacity Building

We promote Appropedia as a resource for academic programs and technical training. By supporting academic research and practical knowledge creation, we provide useful materials for students, teachers, and technical communities.

Outreach and Advocacy

We engage with global networks focused on research, development, and open-source technologies. Our involvement in international events and collaborations helps us advance our mission, build community connections, and support open knowledge and sustainability.

Global Collaboration

With a team of dedicated consultants, the Appropedia Foundation supports partners around the world. Our online platform fosters collaboration and knowledge sharing, aligning with our goals of sustainable development, poverty reduction, and capacity building. 

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You have a role to play

Together, we can build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Help us continue developing and sharing collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction, and international development.


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