Appropedia is the site to create and share community solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction, and international development through sound principles, appropriate technology, original research, and project information. We are a wiki, a kind of site that allows anybody to add and modify content.


Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.


Our vision is that all of humanity can cooperate, creating and realizing rich, sustainable lives. We assemble the framework and help make the associations and populate free-content developing and sharing to effect that vision. We provide a living asset library of people and associations running after a sustainable, better future to work on new efforts instead of copying past ones.


  • Fact-based knowledge: Appropedia is a knowledge hub from different sources. Whether it comes from academia or ancestral knowledge, all the knowledge on Appropedia should strive to be falsifiable through theory and practice.
  • Experiential learning: Appropedia is a place for people to tell their stories and share experiences. We believe that making is an avenue for learning and that the sum of experiences can strengthen our understanding of how to apply our knowledge in different contexts.
  • Openness: We want all content on Appropedia to be open and freely available. We encourage the use of open licenses, correct attributions, and the flourishing of knowledge through communication and dissemination.
  • Value of know-how: We value the knowledge and experience of those who generate and obtain knowledge as much as those who have developed ways to apply it. Appropedia is a space for those with formal and academic training and from those with life experiences and know-how to come together to create impact ultimately.
  • Global focus: We believe sustainability is a pressing need for everyone globally, whether the global North or South, developed or underdeveloped regions, and urbanity and rurality. The Appropedia community will work on making content accessible and available for everyone.
  • Human-centered: All the know-how and know-what on Appropedia focuses on sustainability for human settlements, which means that well-being is at the center of building rich, sustainable lives.


  1. Appropedia isn’t an encyclopedia, but it consolidates comprehensive content upheld by original research, specific volumes, and field studies. This content applies to the individual and aggregate experiences of building rich, sustainable lives and can help human knowledge.
  2. Appropedia values verifiable information (at times alluded to as know-that) and individuals’ information on the best way to get things done. We strive for valuable content regarding scientific help and articles that portray how to get things done in genuine, applicable manners that describe different perspectives from a nonpartisan viewpoint. 
  3. Appropedia shares the greater part of its content with open licenses, and anybody may duplicate, modify and disseminate the results. Except if it’s expressed otherwise, the entirety of our content is accessible under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (CC-BY-SA-3.0) license and possibly reutilized somewhere else, as long as it is appropriately credited and licensed. For the most part, we hold no individual control over a particular article. Don’t submit copyright infringements or works licensed in a manner contrary to our licenses. 
  4. Appropedia requests that its community follow our voluntary guidelines. Kindly have receptiveness toward alternate points of view or approaches. Perceive that others will have shared objectives and still conflict. Be prepared to excuse or request pardoning when things get heated. 
  5. Appropedia doesn’t have firm standards other than the five general standards clarified here.

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