Sharing knowledge to build rich, sustainable lives.

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“I love to see projects that make the world a better place. The process in which they unfold always fills me with wonder and excitement. I enjoy being part of those that are collaborative.”

— Lonny Grafman, Founder

How We Work

Servicelearning modules

We aim to teach students to create, document, and share content, emphasizing collaboration for research.

Promotion of open content for development

Appropedia is continually developing Open Know-How, which we define as “sharing the knowledge of how to make.” We need Open Know-How to fill in as an instrument to imitate and improve the viability of aid projects throughout the world while significantly lessening development expenses.

Facilitating knowledge transfer

Appropedia centers around creating widespread access to well-reported data. The effect of one innovation can be replicated on numerous occasions in a less expensive way and at a lower risk.

Community building

We provide guidelines to lead users through the process of content generation and Appropedia usage. We want to educate people on using available resources to solve their community needs by providing the tools to document solutions.

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You have a role to play

Together, we can build a more sustainable and equitable world.

Help us continue developing and sharing collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction, and international development.


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