Our Story

Our story

Appropedia is the most extensive wiki in the world to document solutions around sustainability, appropriate technology, poverty reduction, and permaculture.


After years of other online and offline sustainable collaboration projects, Lonny Grafman started Appropedia in April 2006, focusing on appropriate technology. A few friends helped him in the choice to use the MediaWiki software for Appropedia. 

In May 2006, Lonny connected with Chris Watkins through appropriate technology articles in Wikipedia; by June 2006, he persuaded with to join the project. Appropedia now expressly covered more extensive issues of international development and sustainability – a logical combination due to a large amount of overlap and synergy between these topics. It also built up a strategy of complementing Wikipedia, referring to broad material and focusing instead on project information, original research, how-tos, networking, and other material better suited for Appropedia.

A note left on another site drove Curt Beckmann to join Appropedia, bringing energy, novel thoughts, and alternate views. He devoted himself to acquiring authorization to port quality content from different sites, prompting a speed increase in Appropedia’s content development and profile. Similar individuals and associations were glad to allow them to use their material. 

Gabriel Krause worked away behind the scenes since September 2006, accomplishing essential specialized work. 

Contact with WikiGreen in late December 2006 prompted an eager reaction from Eric Blazek and a quick choice to unite. The name Appropedia was chosen to be used in all events from then on. This brought a tremendous measure of content, crafted by Eric Blazek and Roy Dent, ported with authorization from different distributions, including some content from CD3WD.

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