Our Work

Our work 

The Appropedia Foundation has raised a community of gifted volunteers across the globe that believe in lending their capacities to create technologies with the potential to produce remarkable effects in terms of health, climate change, and international development, among others.

Why you should use Appropedia

We partner with people and associations focused on sustainability and international development. We assist them with recreating and expanding the effect of innovative solutions to problems in communities.

Tests on open-source research have determined that quicker organization of applied sustainability technologies is conceivable. You get massive peer-review help to build up your background material for a literature review and an experimental design. 

In addition to this, you get visibility and advertising, prompting expanded financing openings, improved student enrollment, and improved student research-related training and education.

As a university course

COLLAPSIBLE. Over the years, Appropedia has been used at higher education institutions to instruct and research sustainability. For instance, more than 800 articles on Google Scholar mention Appropedia or focus on it as a fundamental research subject. We need to investigate things later on, for example, a MOOC based on the abundance of content we have, open educational assets, among others. We need different institutions and everyone to find out about sustainability and apply it to create sway worldwide. 

Appropedia can aid sustainable development since it improves cooperatively arranging data, project models, best practices, and ‘how to’s. For example, university courses in numerous nations, such as the United States and El Salvador, have exceptional skill levels and other topical interests (engineering, design, environmental sciences, international development, journalism). 

Courses utilize Appropedia to learn technical concepts related to sustainability, engineering, citizen science through literature reviews and content research. Numerous courses produce original research or contribute solutions by designing and building appropriate technology devices such as a rocket stove, rainwater catchment system, or food dehydrator with help from their educators.

As a student

COLLAPSIBLE. Since 2005, Appropedia has developed one of the broadest assets for sustainability on the planet. Students have relied on Appropedia for a long time to generate technological capacities related to appropriate technology: low-cost and viable solutions that anybody in various settings can adjust to their needs. 

Appropedia is currently creating self-assessed training modules for distance education. We want to work with educators and students to make, curate, and repeat skills related to poverty alleviation and self-sufficiency, from building rainwater harvesting systems to safeguarding food and creating reasonable and usable handwashing stations.

As an international development organization

  • Portability: you can import and export content at any time
  • User support and facilitation
  • Open innovation approach (collaboration)
  • Extend the lifetime and impact of projects
  • Reduce R+D costs
  • Improve solutions’ reproducibility

As a researcher

COLLAPSIBLE.  There are several reasons to use Appropedia for research related to it being an open wiki:

  • Our platform’s open nature motivates others to help you in your research. For example, users not associated with your work can: I) give helpful feedback on your research on the discussion tab, ii) make grammar and spelling corrections, iii) add to literature reviews members of your group have started iv) add categories and hyperlinking either to or within work we have made that adds to the value of the work.
  • Appropedia is the broadest wiki devoted to appropriate technology and sustainability, giving your research far wide readership and openness. Putting outlines of your work on Appropedia with DOI links to the original article and preferably to an open access version will help increase the number of individuals reading your article.

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